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    • Online Translation Services in Over 45 Languages

    Online Translation Services in Over 45 Languages


    As a trusted translation agency, our team of 84 sworn translators in over 45 languages provides professional online translation services for all content needs.

    Whether translating academic journal articles, marketing materials, website content, or video subtitles, our network of native translators ensures your message is accurately conveyed.

    By partnering with us for multilingual projects, you gain access to our expertise translating into languages from Albanian to Ukrainian.

    All orders are delivered within 8 hours.

    All translations are done manually. (AI and automatic translation softwares are not used.)

    The translated files are sent to your e-mail address.

    If you would like to order more than 1000 words, please create a second order or contact us here.

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    Our company has a team of licensed sworn translators who can translate any document with precision and accuracy. Our translators are highly qualified professionals with degrees in languages, linguistics and translation. They have extensive experience in translating a wide variety of content in various fields.

    Our translators are native speakers of the target language, ensuring that the translation sounds natural and captures all the nuances. They have a proven track record of producing high quality translations that preserve the meaning and tone of the original text. In addition to academic qualifications and experience, our translators demonstrate excellent writing and communication skills.

    They have a strong grasp of the target languages they translate to/from, including an understanding of variations in register and an ability to use terminology appropriately for the subject matter.

    We offer translation services in 48 languages ​​as follows:

    1. Albanian 🇦🇱
    2. Arabic 🇸🇦
    3. Armenian 🇦🇲
    4. Azerbaijani 🇦🇿
    5. Belarusian 🇧🇾
    6. Bosnian 🇧🇦
    7. Bulgarian 🇧🇬
    8. Chinese 🇨🇳
    9. Croatian 🇭🇷
    10. Czech 🇨🇿
    11. Danish 🇩🇰
    12. Dutch 🇳🇱 
    13. English 🇬🇧
    14. Estonian 🇪🇪
    15. Finnish 🇫🇮 
    16. French 🇫🇷
    17. Georgian 🇬🇪 
    18. German 🇩🇪
    19. Greek 🇬🇷
    20. Hebrew 🇮🇱
    21. Hindi 🇮🇳
    22. Hungarian 🇭🇺
    23. Icelandic 🇮🇸
    24. Indonesian 🇮🇩
    25. Irish 🇮🇪   
    26. Italian 🇮🇹
    27. Japanese 🇯🇵
    28. Kazakh 🇰🇿
    29. Korean 🇰🇷 
    30. Kurdish 🇸🇾   
    31. Kyrgyz 🇰🇬
    32. Latin 🇻🇦
    33. Latvian 🇱🇻
    34. Russian 🇷🇺
    35. Lithuanian 🇱🇹
    36. Macedonian 🇲🇰
    37. Norwegian 🇧🇻
    38. Persian 🇮🇷
    39. Polish 🇵🇱
    40. Portuguese 🇵🇹
    41. Romanian 🇷🇴
    42. Serbian 🇷🇸
    43. Slovak 🇸🇰
    44. Slovenian 🇸🇮
    45. Spanish 🇪🇸
    46. Swedish 🇸🇪
    47. Turkish 🇹🇷
    48. Ukrainian 🇺🇦

    For scholars, authors, and researchers, we provide academic article translation at a flat rate.

    Our translators have experience with diverse fields of study and understand the nuanced, technical language often required.

    We aim to preserve the meaning and scholarly integrity in translated academic works.

    We pride ourselves on providing accurate and high-quality translations to our clients.

    Our translators have advanced degrees and certifications in translation. They utilize the latest translation technologies and tools to ensure consistency and precision.

    Our multi-step translation process, which includes editing, proofreading, and quality assurance checks, results in translations that maintain the meaning and spirit of the original text.

    Despite providing professional, human translations, we are able to offer fast turnaround times and affordable pricing. We offer fast translation services, with most translations delivered within 8 hours.

    Our streamlined translation process and large network of expert linguists allow us to provide translations at a lower cost than most other professional agencies. For individuals and small businesses with translation needs, our services provide a high-quality, budget-friendly solution.

    We offer editing, proofreading, and typesetting services to prepare translated content for publication or distribution. For video content, we provide subtitle translation and voiceover services. We also localize software, mobile applications, and websites to reach international audiences.

    Our volume pricing and membership programs provide additional savings for long-term translation needs or large projects. For individuals and small businesses, our services start at an accessible price point. We believe translation should be available to all, regardless of budget, and we strive to make our essential services as affordable as possible.

    Through fair pricing, dedication to quality, and a commitment to accessibility, we aim to break down language barriers and broaden the global exchange of ideas. Our professional, human translators work hard to provide accurate, culturally-sensitive translations so you can share your message with confidence around the world.

    To get detailed information about our additional services, please contact us here.

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